13 White and Gold Nails with a Vertical Concept

At first glance, you are interested in white and gold nails. Unfortunately, you feel that it would not be in accordance with your nails. Moreover, you often have problems of lack of confidence. No need to think about a lot of problems. Basically, every woman can look beautiful with nail polish. The question is how you can create a blend with the colors and designs. In this case, you will combine white and gold as the two elements in your nails. So, from where you will start it?

The Concept of White and Gold Nails

White and gold are the two elements that can create a perfect and elegant style. To start it, you can make a simple design in the form of vertical parts in each nail. It would be an easy way to combine styles between white and gold nail designs.

  1. First, clean all your fingernails. This is the main principle if you want to beautify them. To clean fingernails, you can use the oil and honing the nails. If necessary, you should cut your nails so that they look more immaculate.
  2. Next is preparing nail polish for white nails with gold tips. In this case, you would use two colors; white and gold. Sometimes, you find a number of differences even though they have the same label. You do not have to worry about it because some brands may have different styles.
  3. Form your nails as possible. That is because we will color them with nail polish. To form a vertical style of two parts, you can mark the midpoint of your nails. After that, you can color each side with color. You can opt for the white left and right for gold, or otherwise.

Well, these are a few steps you can take to make a simple design. Also, you may consider some of the unique concepts that if they take inspiration from the pictures of nail designs.