Flapper Dress in 1920s Fashion Trends

Hey, amazing ladies! 1920 is one of the important eras in America history. This is called roaring twenties era where the society are very rich and have a lot of savings in the market. So, the life style and their taste are changed into something that look elegant and glamour. This era also affected the fashion style, 1920s Fashion are different from the previous era. This era tends to have more freedom in determining the styles of individual fashions.

The Roaring 20s fashions are marked by the flapper dress. Flapper dress is the symbol of superiority status in the society. This dress could make the elegant and luxurious appearance in the society and the owner of this dress could be seen as the people that have high status. 1920s Fashion of flapper is often made by individual in their house to reduce the cost but they could be seen as the high class people.

Roaring 20s fashions does not strict like the previous era, the flapper dress is not always made in a long cut and the breast part does not look flat anymore. So, 1920s vogue gives more freedom for the society to determine the style that they like to express their selves through fashions. Even though the style is freer in design but the basic style of the fashion is the elegant look.

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So, 1920s Fashion is affected by the society in roaring twenties era where majority of the society comes from the wealthy families. They use the flapper dress to shows their social status and to shows what they have. The more accessories and decoration that the flapper dresses have, the more costly it is. The society will like it compared to the simple flapper that made by their own. We can say that fashion in this era represents the social status.