12 Stunning 80s Fashion Ideas

Hey, fantastic ladies! Living as a 80s generation cannot be parted for its trademark for fashion and lifestyle. Every era must have its own characteristics and it also happens in 80s. 80s era could be remarkably seen by the era of color, size and experimentation. The era of 80s fashion for men and women were blurred and unisex. So, there is almost no distinction difference to separate the fashion between men and women in this era.

Some of the teenager in this era compete to look trendy by the following the trends of the fashions. 80s fashion trendy is the era of rainbow striped t-shirt with tight rolling of jeans. Some of them will combine the fashion trends with makeup such as blue eye shadows and blue mascara. They will make some experiments of the makeup that they want to put on their face. 80s vogue is about expressing every individual personality.

80s Fashion

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80s clothes for both men and women are commonly unisex, so both of them could buy the same clothes in the same models. 80s clothing is sometimes mixed with some accessories to be added in the appearance, for example is chain to be put in the trousers. It is remarkably the accessories of 80s era. Other experimental expression is the trend of big hair. They will have hair that looks have volume in it. So, it is a matter of experimentation and styles of teenager in 80s.

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Furthermore, 1980s fashion is about color, and there are a lot of choices for this. People tend to have more freedom to determine the color that they like to have. All of the colors are unisex, so not only women that could use pink clothes but also men could use the same color. These kinds of experiments are the fashion trademark of 80s.