17 Audrey Hepburn Fashion Inspiration

Audrey Hepburn fashion has inspired many women in the world until today. The way she dresses was classy and feminine. Her style has been categorized as an iconic woman many times. She had become a trendsetter since 60s. The signature look from her is not an ageless one. All women still can duplicate her look without seeing as an old lady. Then, her look is very classy and lady-like.

Audrey Hepburn clothing style which becomes trendsetter is not only how she dressed but also her look and her hairstyle. She had breezy long bob in 1955. That hairdo is still on until now a day. Nicole Richie and Kate Mara stunningly steal that look. Pixie long bang happened to her in 1966. The look has been mirrored by Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway. When she won Oscar in 1954, her hair was short and whispy bang. That whispy bang has been pulled up by Penelope Cruz and Krysten Ritter.

Audrey Hepburn fashion inspires make-up also. She also was the trendsetter in make-up when portraits from 1975 shown that, her eyes were made up in smoky cat. Angelina Jolie and Amanda Seyfried frequently wear that kind of make-up.

Formal style of Audrey Hepburn dresses is very simple. One of the iconic styles from her is the look from Breakfast at Tiffani’s in 1961. When she played Holly Golightly, there was a scene when she wore little black dress with pearl necklace. That classy look was the starter of the trend of LBD.

Audrey Hepburn clothes in casual style is easy to be duplicated. She showed that she wore Capri pants and long sleeves sweater. In the picture, she was riding bicycle. She has splashed some fun with classy look easily. She showed that it simple outfits will help to get a classy look also.