15 Cute Baby Fashion for Your Lovely Baby

Celebrity baby fashion sometimes is fancier than normal adult people. Those trendy celebrity babies happen usually because their mother or father is into fashion. It occurs because they are dressed by their parents to be matched with them.

Harper Beckham is one of the celebrities to look for baby fashion. Her mother is singer and designer and her father is one of the fashionable handsome men. It is no doubt that Harper Beckham has been predicted will be a fashionable baby since she was born. Harper always attends her mother fashion show. She can pull out color outfits. She dresses on yellow when she was carried in airport by her mother. She can match all family member outfits. From the last Victoria Beckham’s fashion show, she wore black dress which blended with her father and her brothers black suit.

As the daughter of Kanye West, North West is one of the icon of baby fashion. She may be just a toddler, but it can be denied that she can be more fashionable that adult. She was dressed in some famous designers. Oscar de la Renta made a beautiful satin dress for her. Roberto Cavalli made a leopard blouse and mixed printed dress. Those items are rarely worn by baby. She often attended fashion show in New York and Paris with her parents.

Suri Cruise has been seen as trendy baby when she was toddles. Her style represents girly cute look. She was shown wearing cat heel shoes. She really likes pink. She has pink ugg boots and pink winter coat. She makes a cute girl when she wears white ruffle dress with pink headband. She can pull out pink tights. She is even seen wearing Burberry coat. She is still cute little girl when she wears faux fur coat and rubber boots.