20 Beautiful Nail Designs DIY for Beginner

As the nail art has become a new trend in nail design, beautifying your finger nails is just a small matter. So many nail art salons offer full services of manicure and pedicure, as well as polishing the nails with beautiful nail designs. Those nail art salons also give great offers for their regular customers, sometimes they give you free services after certain times visiting, usually this is for regular customers. This promotion attracts more and more people to beautify their fingernails at affordable prices.

Besides going to the nail art salons, you can also make the gorgeous nail designs by yourself. Moreover, there are a plenty of beautiful nail art designs and their tutorials, which are available online. All you need to do just paying a short visit to those nail art tutorial websites, learning the steps, and starting doing trial and error on your fingernails. It may seem difficult at the first time, but, after a while you will get used to painting your nails polished neatly and beautifully.

Tips for Beautiful nail designs DIY for Beginner

You do not have to worry whether the result may be good or not. Since, it is an art; there is no judgment whether it is right or wrong. You just need to lift your confident, and blow up your creativity. Here are several tips for beautiful nail designs for beginners.

  1. Do not hesitate to do first trial and error
    You need to make your finger familiar to paint nail polish on such small fingernails. The first trial may not be perfect; however, using a nail polish remover; you can erase what have you painted and paint it again until you feel satisfied with the result.
  2. Pick the simplest design
    Cute nail designs do not mean that it is the complicated ones. The simplest two-tone nail art can be very stunning if you mix and match the colors and even to your outfit. Start with a simple design and you can judge your level to do the improvement.

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