14 Birthday Nail Designs: A Unique Way to Celebrate Birthday

There are a lot of ways to celebrate your birthday; one of the unique ways is decorating your nail with birthday nail designs. It may be simple, small thing, but it has a high value because of its effort, which is, although doing nail art is a simple thing, it needs patience and a long term practice. Moreover, to draw a certain object on such a tiny nail, you need a lot of efforts if you are not well practiced. So, if you decide to do happy birthday nail art you can start practicing them from now on; otherwise, you need to go to a nail art salon to have it done on your nail.

You need to pick up a theme for your different nail designs, whether you choose an object to draw on your nail or picking one dominant nail polish to apply on your fingernail. Simply, you can search for tutorial online on this case, then, you can choose the one that is mostly possible to apply on your nail. Here are several examples of the pretty nails designs that might inspire you. Check it out!

Birthday Nail Designs and Tips

  1. Picking a nail polish color and drawing a birthday related object
    The most common color theme for birthday nails ideas is pink, you can add another complement color to get the idea clearly depict on your nail. You can make an object related to birthday, for example, you can draw a small bow tie on one of your fingernail or you can simply write your birthday age on one of your nail. Another object that depicts birthday such as: balloon, candle, cake and etc.
  2. Choosing pastel color
    Instead of pink, you can also use another nail polish color. However, it is strongly recommended that you choose soft colors, such as pastel colors. Strong colors, such as bright red or bright yellow will reduce its cuteness value. Thus, you should concern on picking colors for this nail designs for girls purpose.