15 Black Fashion for Every Season and Every Style

As a matter of fact, the black fashion seems never out of trend. Victoria Beckham mostly wears black. She also always features black in her collection every season. If I may quote Christian Dior, he said that “you can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” Wearing black is never wrong, even when you wear it from head to toe. Whether you want to mix with other color, black will never give you mismatch outfits.

Black clothing style has been part of long-term phenomenon when it is related to little black dress. The little black dress which usually called LBD has been a trend from 1920s until now. Coco Chanel started the fashion trend by making a simply cut short dress. The dress originally made as evening and cocktail dress. But now, LBD is not only used for evening or cocktail party, it is also worn as day dress. Some women wear it for working dress which looks great to be combined with blazer.

Black clothes is always good in every season. Summer may the right time for wearing bright color. However, combining black with bright color will balancing the look. Black bikini or swimsuit will give a classy look while sunbathing at beach. Black sweater, black coat, and black boots will never get boring to wear in winter season. Those outfits will look good when it match with brown or maroon, or blue.

Black fashion for every style will never wrong. Wearing black t-shirt and black leather pants will make edgy look. For grudge look, black will work in boots or jeans, or shocks that combined with print t-shirt or flannel shirt. Rock band members usually wear black in every show. Wearing black leather jacket will give a rock star look.