15 Boys Fashion Ideas for Daily Activity

In general, the boys fashion is less complicated than the girls fashion. The option for boys’ clothes is not as many as girls’. The boys fashion items also quite simple. The choice color sometimes is not wider than the girls.
Casual boys outfits mostly includes a pair of jeans. For boys’ casual look, a pair of jeans can be combined with t-shirt. When the weather is a little chill, wearing sweater with jeans can be a choice. Then, shirt of flannel shirt is also a great choice to be mixed with a pair of jeans. Adding jacket on t-shirt or shirt is a cool look for boys. Sneaker will complete the casual boys look.

Formal boys clothing style always related with suit. They should not always wear black or grey suit. They also should know that the belt color and the shoes color should be the same. When they go for business occasion, they will look great in two buttons jacket. The sleeves cuff may to appear when it is less than a half inch. They also should remember to wear long socks. Their legs should not be seen when the pants up. Then, tie color should be darker than the suit. The jacket also should be longer than waist that can cover the belt. Wearing undershirt will help them who are sweat a lot.

Sporty boys clothes does not only occur on game. The sporty look can be pulled out on sport activity. Nowadays, many boys do their sport activity outdoor. They should stay look good even when they are in running or doing some push up. T-shirt or hoodies is usually mixed with sweat pants. Sporty look also can be applied on casual occasion. Jeans and hoodies make a cool look for boys. Sneaker will help to finish the sporty boys look.