Fabulous British Fashion for Girls

British fashion for mostly is modest one. They rarely show much skin. It may because the weather in Britain is quite chill. Long coat has become part of the British essential fashion item.

To copy British fashion, we can try simple thing first. You can try to wear jeans and t-shirt. That combination can be added by long coat which will keep you away from cold. The tartan coat will make the bold your British style. This look can be matched with black high heels for girly sense. Other thing that you should try to get British look is by wearing Doc Martens. The Doc Martens will good with every clothes. It even looks pretty to be wear with yellow dress.

British style is also known by its tartan scarf. You can try wearing the cheery tartan scarf to color your camel coat. It is good to add some color in cloudy day. Wearing suit with plaid blouse will make you feel upgrading you school uniform. Adding lace-up heels will help to feel grown up. You also should not be afraid to wear printed dress with solid color in the mixing outfits.

Urban sportswear in British fashion is kind of hit. Sporty look is not always got from football uniform. Baseball cap with loose dress with sport theme will give you a sport look. Sweater and jeans are also good choice for your sport look. Mini dress may be not often wear in British. But, putting it under long coat will make you brave to fight the cold and still look stylist.

A country style in British fashion is one of the signature looks. The dark color jeans which combined with turtleneck sweater are the basic. Adding faux fur coat and ankle boots will help you to complete the look. A simple sling bag will spice up the look.