15 Bun Updos Hairstyles That Only Take 5 Minutes

Bun updos are very versatile hairstyles; they go well with any kind of hair type: both medium and long hair. There are also a plenty of bun styles that you can adapt depending on your personal preferences or the occasions that you want to attend. The equipment needed to make a bun is also very simple, at least you have a comb or brush, and then you can readily make a bun of your hair. The low or high bun is absolutely your personal taste; however, there are opinions that low or high buns will depend on occasions. Yet, it is just a personal opinion; the final decision is yours, which bun style makes you feel better, relaxed and proud.

Bun hairstyles are simple; there are a plenty of easy updos hairstyles for long hair that can be done for 5 minutes. Believe it or not, updos are extremely easy to make and they are much simpler than you think. Here are several bun hairstyles that you can adapt, which only take 5 minutes to make it done.

Easy and Quick Bun Updos Hairstyles

  1. Simple topknot bun
    Twisting your long hair into topknot is a smart way to create chic long from your long hair. For long hair, this bun is easy, neat and comfortable.
  2. Easy and convenient ballerina bun
    Similar to topknot bun, this ballerina bun is an easy and convenient bun which requires long hair to make this kind of bun. Pull all your hair on your back top head, and make a sleek, tight it.
  3. Angular bun
    Folding one layer of hair to another can create an angular bun; you can have a decent tangled finish by adding accessories to tight it up as well as decorating the bun updos.