17 Buns Hairstyles in Very Simple Steps

Many buns hairstyles can be implemented as everyday or special moments. You should choose a haircut that will fit your needs and comfort. So, why do not you take a simple example with a high bun?

High Buns Hairstyles

Let us prepare and implement the easy updo hairstyles. Given that there are many such hairstyles, you can take an example as follows:

  1. Roll your hair into a bun, with a position at the top.
  2. Make it into a neatly on the back, you can use the oil, and rub it into your hair.
  3. Now, we use a curling iron on the hair out of the bun. Please ruffle it, so that you can make a model of half curly.
  4. To make the bun to be somewhat higher, you have to tighten it. The trick is to rotate and pinning the hair. Remember that you do not need to make it into a very tight and neat.
  5. Make it so that your hair becomes shiny. To create it, you have to keep the bun remain in its position. Then you spray the liquid to hold the hair in position and at the same time sparkle it.
  6. For accessories, you can add ribbon or barrette. Instead, you take an option that matches the size and color of your hair.
  7. Still confused? Why don’t you take a look at bun updo hairstyles pictures below? You will definitely find more inspiration to beautify your appearance.

To make it in a short time, you can start it from the shape of a horse’s tail. Moreover, if you do not wash it, it will be easier to set and bind bun. That is what we can do to make a high bun. Please develop your ideas for unique and different models. So, you will never run out of inspiration about buns hairstyles.