13 Butterfly Nail Art: Looking More Beautiful and Feminine with Butterfly Designs

Nail art designs are regarded to be something popular amongst many girls and women throughout the world these days. The good thing is that there is always the possibility to create your own nail art designs at home as long as you have a few craft supplies and some great ideas on creating it. It can be a very good idea as every person may have their own personal taste and style on choosing nail art designs. Among all those varieties of designs, butterfly nail art has started reaching its popularity today.

Butterfly Nail Art: Representing Your Individual Style

Of course, this typical beautiful butterfly nail designs is not only being chosen by those feminine women, but it is also chosen by women who want to try something new or those who want to just following the latest trends. Since butterfly might be identical with the spring time or Easter celebration, it does not mean that you can get this design in other occasions. Here are some great combinations for butterfly nail art design:

  1. Glittery style: in order to enhance your feminine look, you can always try to combine your butterfly design with such glam glittery beads or colors.
  2. Colorful style: for making the butterfly looks more alive, having the colorful style and combine it with images like flowers or grass can be a perfect choice.

The choices for butterfly design for nails are limitless and so that it is one hundred percent depending on your personal taste for choosing the colors, the combinations, the designs, and the pictures on your nails. Of course having such shaped and polished nails is a must when it comes to decide to apply nail arts. It does not mean anything if you have such glamorous nail art designs, but your nails are frangible messy. Moreover, if you want to look a little bit more attractive, you can start to add to wear such glamorous rings in your fingers.