15 Modern Chinese Fashion Ideas

Chinese fashion comes with various styles for example fashion between men and women and street fashion. The fashion becomes trend in China. It consists of traditional fashion and modern fashion. The modern fashion is different from traditional fashion. The modern style of the fashion is designed for Chinese teenagers and Chinese adolescent. Commonly, the Chinese adolescents prefer fashions that match with their own fashion sense and stand out as well as being more individualized. This fashion start to develop in Asian country and it is being trends now.

In china, there are two famous street fashion styles. Those are Zhong Kouwei and Xiao Qinxin style. Xiao Qinxin style is designed fresher in modern era. The characteristic of the style is that it is designed with light colors either in clothes or shoes. The style applies canvas shoes for daily fashion and it is completed by cotton and linen material. The fashion style appears a vintage sense. It is also create angelic and fresh style today.
Zhong Kouwei fashion style is different with qinxin style. The fashion style is identified with ‘heavy flavor’. This style show dark bold colors, metal and rivet as well as another theme like evil, amazing and dramatic.

This Chinese clothing style comes in 1912 after abolition of imperial china. After the imperial china, republic of china stand and in the first year, the government start to determine what fashion must be worn by people in Chinese either men or women. Women must wear attire that is collared button down and it also fell to the knee. And men must wear black dress suits and routine suit. The suit consists of trouser and jacket. Finally, modern Chinese fashion comes, and it is a revolution of the traditional fashion that is determined by government. In modern style, Chinese people commonly wear T-shirt and jeans same as American style for casual style. But for traditional occasion and big festival, the traditional Hanfu must be worn by them.