13 Classy Nail Designs: A Newly Trend

Classy nail designs are admired among ladies because they are simple yet elegant. The beautiful, elegant and amazing nail art designs make most of girls go crazy. Many experts create new adorable designs adapted by the girls wherever they are, and they try to match the nail art designs with their outfits. What an amazing phenomenon! A simple and small thing such as nail art is able to govern the trend, even affect the fashion trend.

The classy nail designs are simple nail art designs that are never out of date. Its simplicity makes the nail art designs last for a long time and are suitable on almost every occasion. Let’s pick one style, the classy black and white nail art design. Although it just contains two different colors that are basic colors, those colors will be able to well-decorate your nail. For your references, this article will give you several ideas of classy nail art designs 2015 which have become the new trend for this year.

Classy Nail Designs: Elegance in Simplicity

  1. Pastel Nail Designs
    Pastel colors have their own beauty and charm. Women and young girls like pastel colors, they look funky and vibrant. Playing with different pastel colors is the most preferable nail art design for young girls. For women, pastel colors are usually combined with glittery or sparkle nail polish.
  2. Black designs with glittery silver or gold nail polish
    The black color is the most common nail art that is designed for cool nail designs. In order to get stunning and elegant looks, you can combine mate-black nail polish with glittery gold or silver nail polish. As for the patter, you can adopt the simplest pattern which is easy for you to create.
  3. Baby pink nail polish with sparkle beads
    The creative nail design give you chic finishing looks. You can make your nail decoration more charming by adding sparkle beads. You do not have to give the beads to all the nails, select one of two nails over the five, and make it in different patterns.