13 Cute and Easy Nail Designs Ideas

To create cute and easy nail designs, you can pick from a variety of popular examples. There are many celebrities who use nail polish as a way to enhance their appearance. At the same time, we are also able to find something similar on our friends. Well, let’s begin preparations for the nail party.

Making Cute and Easy Nail Designs

What are the best of easy nail art for beginners? We can find them everywhere. Yet, the question is laid on your inspirations and simple steps. We take the example of an ethnic style that can be applied to your nails.

  1. As you can see in the picture above, it is a bowl with a pattern of spots. We will start it from cleaning the nails so it will be an ideal base color. Remember that you can use the natural color of your nails as a base. However, it may not be balanced with nail polish pattern. Therefore, you should color all of your nails with a base color.
  2. The best choice is a bright color, because we can put any unique color over nails. If you have trouble, you can use the white polish. Make sure that you have cut all the nails you with a neat and orderly style.
  3. Ethnic style is one of the best of the cute nail ideas for short nails. The secret lies in simple patterns and colors, so that we can create a lot of creativity. To make the dots, you should use a small brush, and make the same comparison of every size. One thing will be very easy when you can start it perfectly.

Once everything is completed, please wait for a few minutes until they are dry. Well, this is the perfect time to show you the latest styles with ethnic easy nail art.