15 Cute Gel Nails Design Ideas

How many times do you try to create cute gel nails? Most women have failed in their first trial. You experience the same thing, but you need not worry because there are a number of tutorials that you can learn. Given that you want to use a simple style but cute and pretty, you can combine colors and decorative forms in each nail.

Decorative Styles of Cute Gel Nails

Let’s start the decorative styles making for gel nail designs. Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare equipment for nail polish. As consideration, you can use the Mary Kay Paradise Collection. There are a number of colors that might be your match to your nails. As an example, you can take orange as a base color. This time, we will make the pattern tiny leaves that adorn your nails.
  2. Before you do it all, you should wash your nails. Clean until no dirt left. Meanwhile, you also have to cut your nails as needed. Sometimes, there are several sizes and shapes that are not aligned so that it can reduce the appearance.
  3. Well, let’s begin the experiment. Use orange as the color that coats all of your nails. You do not need to create a thick layer, but it should not be too thin. After everything is finished, you can wait for them to dry for a few minutes.
  4. Now, we will make foliage pattern with a beige color. This will be the most difficult part when you can not make the same shapes. So, you can overcome that by making a few leaves of the same size and not too small.
  5. Once everything is done, you’ve pick the one that is unique from cute nails ideas. Wait until they are dry, at least for ten minutes.

Well, these are a few simple steps to create a decorative style in your nails. You can also explore more ideas of gel nail polish.