13 Different Nail Designs: the Way to Drill up Your Creativity!

It is undeniable that many of us admire beautiful nail art, yet, we are scared to apply it on our fingernails on our own because most of us think that nail art is a complicated art. However, that way of thinking is totally wrong; applying nail art design on our finger is simpler than what you think. A wide variety of designs will make you think, which one is the most suitable for you, you can also create your own design and drill up your creativity. All you need is starting it, be patient and keeping practicing. You can do different nail designs on each finger for initial practices. By this way, you will be able to decide, which one is the most suitable design for your fingernail and which style is easier to create. You can search for inspiration of different nail designs online; there are a plenty of designs and styles completed by its tutorial.

Tips for Making Different Nail Designs on Each Nail

  1. Alternate the nail polish colors
    This is the mostly used tip for different types of nail designs because it is the simplest way to make different designs for each nail. You can combine two-tone nail polishes on one finger and add more colors in another finger. You can choose contrasting color each other or similar color. It is also recommended to pick one dominant color among all.
  2. Use the effect polish to create strong characters
    This is one of the ways to create different color nail designs with little effort; you can use nail polish with embellishment or special characters. You can also use topcoat nail polish, glitter nail polish, sparkle gold and silver nail polish and etc.
  3. Combine dot and stripe design
    Stripe and dot are the simple and the most used pattern on nail art. You can combine this pattern for unique nail art and make stunning looks of its differences.