15 Disco Fashion Trends Collection

Disco fashion was a trend around 1970s. Some iconic fashion items have inspired many designers until today. Most of us may remember the shinning jumpsuit, the bright-colored spandex pants, and the wide-legs trousers. Those fancy clothes mostly found on dance floor. The disco fashion was also related to the music trend at that time. Disco music was a big at that time.

Jumpsuit is one of the signature looks for disco outfits. With halter neck style and wide-legs pants, the jumpsuit was kind of big hit for women’s look. The jumpsuit is kind of ageless fashion icon. Until these days, the jumpsuit is still part of the runaways’ looks from some designers in every fashion. The reason of designers still make that kind of clothes, is because people, especially women, are still fancy to wear it in some occasion.

Loose dress and wrap dress in shinning color were the womens 70s disco clothing. The mini dress which embellished in sparkle beads was also kind of hit that day. Those style dresses are still the reference for many designers to create their new collection. Geometric pattern dress was also the signature style. The disco fashion style also was kind of the look that revealing the sexiness of woman. The low-cut V-shaped neckline was often used. Slit dress which shown the beauty of long leg was a big trend. That trend is still on until now. Flowing dress was women’s favorite choice for disco look.

Wide leg pants were part of the retro look from disco fashion. The wide-leg pants which flowing while walking made women feel gorgeous. The spandex fitted dress was also everyone’s favorite at that time when they were going for night out. That pants were showing the women’s curve in good way. Those pants were the signature of disco fashion and it they are still the inspiration for today fashion trend.