14 DIY Makeup Brush Holder Ideas

Putting DIY makeup brush holder will make you more confident and understand that you actually must do it for a long time. When most women are bothered due to small objects that mess up their room, you can move comfortably and relieved in your room or home. Therefore, here are some options to make your new DIY projects.

DIY Makeup Brush Holder: Magnetic Board

How wonderful if you can put all the equipment cosmetics in your wall. It is a unique and different way compared to most customs. How are we going to create this DIY makeup brush holder? You are going to need:

  • Fabric or use some used cloth/curtain
  • Magnets
  • Sheets of metal
  • Hot glue gun


  1. We apply all of glue on the bottom surface of cosmetic products.
  2. Quite simply, we spread out metal paper and coat it with a cloth, according to our taste. Make it like a frame, or a model of your choice.
  3. Now, stick it on the wall, you can nail them or use other ways.
  4. Well, please attach all your products on the paper, they will cling miraculously on your wall.

Foam Box

Simple is the best way. If you do not have a lot of makeup products, it helps provide a container that is not too large. An interesting choice is to make a box with a unique design. Moreover, you will require this type of makeup organizer, when you get used to moving outside. Instead of buying a container that will be the same as belonging to another person, the best idea is to make it yourself. You can make it on a thick paper, and make it knitted like book binding. There are certain colors that you can make as a main concept. Or, you can create sketches and patterns on the paper, before you string into a DIY makeup brush storage.