16 Easy Bun Hairstyles: The Stylish Hairstyle for Every Occasion

Bun hairstyles are the fashionable hairstyles that are not beaten by the time. Since decades ago, the hairstyles are still one of the mostly chosen by women in every occasion, whether it is for official events, parties, or even casual occasions. It is the most chosen hairstyle because it looks pretty, needs no special equipment, and takes no long time to make it. There are a plenty of easy bun hairstyles that you can find online, most of them only take a few minutes to make it done on your hair.

This article will give you several example easy updo hairstyles for long hair, if you are one of the people with long hair and want to use bun hairstyles in your coming soon even. You can pay a short visit and look the steps that describe on the best bun hairstyles article. Then, you can apply into your hair, or you can help your friend make a bun for her hair style.

  1. Top knot glamorous bun hairstyles
    First, you need to gather the hair into a high ponytail on the top. Then, use a comb to brush it down. If the hair is thin enough, you have to tease as many strands as possible; this will give the bun volume and body. Twist your hair, and pony tail base. The last step, pull the end of the hair through, this will put the knot on the top, if needed, spray on a little hair spray to finish.
  2. Robe bun hairstyles
    It is started with a high ponytail. Then, divide your hair into three or five equal strands. Then, twist each section of the hair strain to the right. Take the far right strand, and then start wrapping it round another in opposite direction to make it rope. Once your rope braid is complete, wrap and secure it with a bobby pin or elastic rubber.