15 Easy Hair Tutorials for Fashionable People

Hey, pretty ladies! Most times we women don’t have a clue on what to do with our hair. Some of us just pile it up on top of our heads either in a tidy mess or a very ugly mess of tangled strands that takes a village to untangle. Most women have tender heads and very soft hair, which makes it very painful straightening a week-old curled up the mess.

The idea of easy hair tutorials comes to mind. There are several “artistes” who come up with simple, easy to make fancy hairdos that help us women spot the latest hairstyles and even rock a 1950’s hairdo stylishly. However, not all these simple hair tutorials give us all information on how to care for our hair?

Tutorials for Different Hair Styles:

We have different types of hair, the coarse African hair, flat hair, oval hair and round hair. Flat hair is usually curly, while oval hair is wavy and round hair is straight. All hair has split ends because of cutting well, except for virgin hair, that is hair that has never been cut before. Excessive heat and chemicals leave cuticles open and away from the hair shaft giving the hair a rough damaged feel.

Some easy hairstyles tutorials give us tips on how to cut and shape our hair. The issue of cutting and shaping hair is a complex one that requires knowledge of the characteristics of hair in combination with the desired effect once desired. It is good to have your hair cut by a professional.


Perming of hair softens it making the hair accept any shape imposed on it. After palming the chemical bonds of hair are strengthened by the application of neutralizers. Perming of hair usually is done to introduce curls to it.

Hair Straightening:

Hair straightening is the same process as perming, however, with the aim of removing curls and mainly hot metal combs are used. It is important to wisely choose from a range of air products, especially when treating your hair. Products like shampoos and conditioners are rated on a PH scale with the higher number representing a higher alkaline content while the lower the PH the higher the acidic content. Products with very high alkali content are cheap and abundant and hence not very good as compared to acids, which are a bit more expensive but very effective when washing and maintaining hair.


Some people prefer spotting funny colors on their heads and thus go ahead to color it. It is important to have hair coloring done by a professional rather than a doing it themselves using drug store color. Professional coloring involves the use of hydrogen peroxide with very small color molecules, while the drug store color contains large color molecules thus the often fading and harshness.

Before listening and following any hair tutorial it is important to understand your hair, what it needs and how well it can withstand being twisted and rolled into interesting beautiful artistic shapes. How you keep and maintain your hair, the attention you give to it will determine if it will serve you loyally like a princess or fall off and get knotted and leave you looking like a hobo, or a chicken with some of its feathers plucked off!