16 Easy Long Hairstyles Done in Minutes!

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Women love having long hair. The women’s long hair is a crown that they need to take care just like the most valuable treasure. Having long hair is a dream for every girl, in chasing this dream, they even will to spend their money to have treatments or buy vitamins to grow their hair. However, when they already have had the long hair as they dream, they often have no time to style them, so they cannot present their beautiful long hair on its best. Actually, styling long hair is easy. These following hairstyles are the easy long hairstyles that only take less than 5 minutes to make it done. You can read this article thoroughly to get inspiration how to style your long hair in a simple and easy way.

Easy Long Hairstyles to Save Your Morning Time

  1. The Easy Chignon
    This easy long haircuts is pretty and perfect for you who do not want to spent time on hairstyling yet, charming hairstyle. All you need just hair rubber and couple and bobby pins. This pretty chignon hairstyle is also suitable for formal hairstyles for long hair.
  2. The Hunny bun
    This hairstyle is suitable for you who want to go out with a strict yet playful hairstyle. This easy styling long hair will look great with a summer outfit. You can use sock or hair rubber with a big sponge to make a perfect bun shape. In order to keep it nice and tight all day long, you may add hairspray.
  3. The twisted ponytail
    You can transform the old ponytail into fancy looks hairstyle by adding twisted hair on your ponytail. Simply twist your hair on the side of your face before you tie it up on your ponytail. This simple step contributes a focal point on your ponytail.