17 Emo Fashion for Girls Ideas

Emo fashion style is also known as punk fashion. It is not as simple as you look. The Emo clothing style can include in makeup, accessories, clothing and hairstyles. This style is very liked by punk community. As we know that today, Emo movement has exchanged all over the world together with emo music. The subculture style that is liked by teenage boys and girls has been inspirited from emo music. Now, the fashion has developed among teenagers the entire world. They feel proud when they wear or perform the fashion style. They also feel that the fashion is perfect for their personalities.

The characteristics of the fashion are that emo followers commonly perform with greasy black hair. They also apply thick black rimmed glasses on their makeup. Usually, they like wearing sweat that is designed with a tight dull-colored V-neck. Now, the fashion develops based on time. In this modern era, the fashion seems trendier. This style is presented as distinctly nonfashionable and seems attempting conformity. Besides clothing, the punk followers style their hair following the emo hairstyles.

The emo hairstyles can be created with long or short hair. For long hair, it can be styled as a long fringe that is brushed to one side of the punk followers’ face and it also can be brushed over one or two eyes. The hairstyle usually is colored by dyed black, dark brown, purple, blond and other colors that are layered. Such colored hair is cut based on expressive of a punk rock style and completed with a little emo flare. People think that the emo hairstyle isn’t washed regularly, but now, it’s different that such hairstyles are always washed and treated regularly. The main point of this fashion is that the emo followers style their hair with long in the front and short in the back.