15 Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands: Tips for Selecting the Best Rings

























As a matter of fact, wedding bells have become something scarce, pure, intimate, beautiful, and need to be celebrated as once in a lifetime moment. Whether it is the first marriage or the second marriage, the wedding ceremony and receptions must be something really important for every couple all around the world. Some people may tend to get married without any engagement, but some others prefer to hold an engagement party first before they are going to get married. No matter what your choice, all those celebrations will need engagement rings and wedding bands to complete the big day.

In most of the Western countries, the tradition said that the engagement ring will be placed in the right hand, while the wedding ring will be placed on the left hand. In some traditions such as in Ireland, there is popular ring which is called Claddagh ring as a symbol of purity for engagement and marriage settlement. It is possible whether you are wearing the same ring for your engagement party and for your wedding party. Also, it is really possible to have different ring for engagement and wedding nuptials. The choices of engagement rings and wedding bands are quite a lot out there.

Since there are numerous different engagement rings and wedding bands designs, sizes, colors, styles, and materials, it is truly necessary for you to always make sure that you are choosing the most perfect ring which practically fits best with your style and needs. Actually, there are several tips that can be done in order to ensure that you can find the right rings for your very special day. First of all, it is truly recommended that you are coming with your partner when you are about to purchase engagement or wedding rings.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Selection

By doing this, you can exactly make sure that you are both feeling happy with the design of the wedding rings. And you can also know and understand more about your partner’s personal taste. Also, you will learn more about how to appreciate someone else’s style. For instance, if you love to have white gold ring, but your partner prefer to choose yellow gold ring; why don’t you try to combine both white gold and yellow gold to truly represent the two love birds’ feelings?

Second of all, you need to consider more about the ring settings. A metal framework which your stone is mounted into the ring can practically set the tone of the ring. For the example, a round stone can appear to look fresher and more modern in a bezel setting. And oval engagement rings and wedding bands stone can look more traditional in a prong setting. Then, it is also important to pay more attention to the metal. Platinum is likely to be the most popular choice due to its durability and purity. This titanium is also very great hypoallergenic choice for those couples with very sensitive skin.

Of course, the second place of the most popular metal is gold which can come in a variety of colors such as rose, yellow, white, and even green. Also, you can begin to deal with palladium. It is a recycled metal band which includes the mixture of platinum and gold. Thus, with this palladium metal, you can easily have something old and something new into one ring. And if you are creative enough and want something to look more personal as well as authentic for the engagement rings and wedding bands, you can try to buy loose stones. A good jeweler will enable to guide you and tell you exactly about what to look for.

And the last trick but not least is about giving yourself at least two months for shopping for the engagement rings and wedding bands. By giving yourself enough time, you will have a choice to order the ring based on your personal needs and style if there is no ring which is suitable enough ready at the store. Once they are calling you about your order, you will still have time to fix all the imperfection if it exists. By doing all these rules, you will end up with the right choice without any possibility of experiencing dissatisfaction.