European Fashion in Every Season

The European fashion can be actually determined by weather. Then wearing the clothes in proper outfits is quite important. Besides it is part of the fashion, wearing seasonal clothes also will give comfort while doing activity. The fashion in Europe is influenced by Milan, Paris, and London fashion trend. Regularly, fashion week is held in those cities.  Mostly, those cities become the reference of European fashion trend.

European fashion for summer mostly is t-shirt and short. Girly looks for Milan and Paris in summer will get by wearing knee-length dress and flat thong sandal. Adding sunglasses as the accessories will complete the look.  Another alternative, you can wear t-shirt and short skirt. Then, the girly summer look for London is quite similar. However, summer in London is quite breezy. Therefore, adding cardigan and spice up the look. Then, wearing flat shoes is quite recommended.

Fall looks which inspired by European fashion are recommended to wear long sleeves. Knee-length dress and skirt are still fair to wear. Adding knitwear for outwear will complement the look. Those outfits can be applied in Milan and Paris. London is quite chill in fall. If you want wear skirt, you should go on leather. The leather fabric will give some warm. Wearing pants is quite recommended which can be mixed with long sleeves shirt of t-shirt. Then, for all cities, you should wear closed-ankle shoes.

In winter, sweater or coat is recommended for European fashion style. For classy style in Paris, knee-length dress with long sleeves will give a great look. You may want to add thighs to warm the legs. The most items for winter in Milan and London are long pants, long sleeves shirt and long coat or jacket. Those outfits should be completed with closed-toe shoe.

Spring European fashion style in Paris, Milan and London is quite different. In London, the wind is still strong. Then, wearing clothes jacket and long pants are quite a must. Ankle boots may help spice up the look. For the tops, you can wear t-shirt. The weather may not too cold. For Paris, the spring outfits is quite similar. For Milan, the sun may have risen. Wearing short pants and t-shirt will be great. Sunglasses and closed toe shoes will make a chic look.