16 Eye Makeup Tutorials: Be Different!

It is undeniable that every woman in the world wants to look beautiful. A lot of women have their own natural beauty so they still look stunning even though they go out without make up. However, in some special occasions, women tend to apply a makeup. It is a chance to show up their creativity to beautify them by a makeup, and the eye makeup is a first choice. Therefore, it is not surprising that women usually look for eye makeup tutorials and do some trials on their eyes before the real painting for their eyes on some events.

This article will give you step-by-step eye makeup tips that will be suitable for party or official events. This eye makeup tutorial also includes makeup tips for blue eyes. You can follow the tutorial tips, or you can adjust with your own style. Check it out!

Step-By-Step Eye Makeup Tutorials Eclipse Soft Smokey

  1. Sweeping the nude color of eye shadow
    Sweeping the nude tone of the eyes shadow is the most important part. This eye shadow tone is the background color of entire eyes shadow. You can sweep the nude tone along the lid and the lower lash with a small shadow brush.
  2. Diffusing the emerald or blue eye shadow
    You can diffuse the emerald colors eyes shadow from the outer corner of the lid to the center of the lids. You can use a smaller shadow brush.
  3. Deepening the lash line
    Simply sweep the dark green shadow with an angled liner brush, sweep it outward from the center lash.
  4. Dust an arc on emerald shadow
    Dust an arc on emerald shadow, using the small brush similar to the #1 step. You can make this dust arc on the middle of lids or edge of the emerald eye shadows. Then continue on the lower lash.
  5. Finishing touch with mascara
    Apply black mascara as the topcoat on the upper lash and this smokey eyes tutorials is finished