13 Eyeliner Designs: The Trend Never Gets Expired

There are a plenty of stylish eyeliner designs out there. The trend changes every day but it never gets expired because all those designs are fun, stylish, brand new looks, which you can adopt whether for classic or just funky design. The very common style that is usually used by women for daily activities is the natural looking eyeliner. This fun eyeliner design looks completely natural, all you need to do to have this natural style eyeliner is lining your upper lid, and done! This eyeliner styles is suitable for either wide eyes or small eyes. For the wide eyes, and you want to make them look smaller, line the whole thing. The eye makeup design for small eyes and you want to make them look bigger, or want to make them wider in space, you can line the outer half of your eye lid.

One of the famous eyeliner styles is the V-shape of short eyeliner. This V-shape and short application of eyeliner is really gorgeous. This eyeliner design can be applied in the daytime, or you are free to create a more dramatic look of it by applying it on your evening out, which you can make it stronger by outlining it little more. All you have to do to have this eyeliner style is outlining the corner of the eyes, the outward part of the upper lid.

All the way around eyeliner designs is the eyeliner style that is actually not designed for everyone. This style can make the small eyes look smaller; however, this style is really fun, thus there are a plenty of women sticking on this style both for daily basis or special occasion. Reflecting from its name, this eyeliner technique includes lining the upper and lower lids and it is better to make buck but thick line on the upper lid, and thinner on the lower lid.