20 Fashion Sunglasses Ideas That You Must Have

Fashion sunglasses are part of the essential item in fashion industry. The sunglasses in fashion are not only to protect from sunlight, but also to light up the look. Wearing it with the latest trend will complement the look. Some designers know that sunglasses have been part of the fashion. Then, they will include them on their seasonal collection. This year trend of fashion sunglasses are quite unique with the retro inspired.

Geometric shape frame for fashionable sunglasses have been presented on this year runways. The frame came out in square, rounded, triangle, and oval. Those frames can be chosen based on your face shape. This unique design of frame is believed will be on trend this year.

Aviator in women’s sunglasses is never getting old. These timeless sunglasses are very popular among celebrities. This year aviator’s trend is presented in varieties colors. The variation is also made on shades. The black shade is not always a choice for aviators. This year trend shows that brown and transparent shade can be trend.

Cat-eye sunglasses for cool sunglasses are inspired from retro trend. This kind of frame is very suitable for any face shape, so everyone can wear it. The shades came out with brown, black and transparent. The frame is design in unique color and motifs, such as glitter and leopard.

Oversized sunglasses for fashion sunglasses will be a hit for this year. The creations of the oversized sunglasses are quite dominant. The style of the oversized sunglasses is quite varieties now. Some designers make them with thick frame and the other make them without frame. Then, the shade of the frame is not only black. Pink and brown are featured in oversized sunglasses shade. This kind of sunglasses is one of the styles that can be worn for both women and women.