Fashion Watches for Women from Fashion Designer

Fashion watches among woman are not very popular. The watches for woman are only seen from the function. They usually want the watches that match their style. Some world class fashions designers make watches as one of their works. The watches from their design are not only about the function of the watches, but they also tend to consider the style of the watches. Most of the times, the watches will match their signature design.

Womens watches by Kate Spade are very girly. The soft colors mostly feature on the design. Kate Spade watches is a simple round analog one. The variations of the watches are on color and strap. The color of the watches from Kate Spade mostly white, black, pink, golden, and other pastel color. Some of the designed is ornamented with small diamonds or stones around the watches.

Michael Kors designed Women’s fashion watches mostly as bracelets one. The watches are usually designed in soft colors, such as pale pink, gold, silver, and white. Then, mainly the Michael Kors watches are ornamented with small diamonds. Wearing Michael Kors watches is not only fashionable but also classy.

The big name of Marc Jacob will be a grantee that cool watches which designed by him will be a trendy and a fashionable one. The watches from Marc Jacob are quite unique. The watches that designed by him is under the Marc by Marc Jacob brand. The watches came out as black, white, bright pink, maroon, dark blue and gold. The watches are rarely designed with diamond.

Louis Vuitton fashionable watches are very unique. Some of the designs are made for woman and some are for men. In watches, the signature symbol of the brand is applied. Besides that, the Louis Vuitton watches are luxury ones. Some of the watches are covered with diamonds.