17 Fur Fashion Images

Fur fashion is liked by some people, because it seems unique, versatile, and classy. It is not only worn in catwalk but also in street. Commonly, the fashion becomes trend to be worn in winter or autumn season. Beside it is worn to warm body, it is also made with fashionable designs. Men and women clothing can be designed with the fashion. The contemporary fashion is completed by cutting edge style and fur designs. We can look at many fur designs of such fashion in catwalk and in street such as Candid fur Fashion Street. The fur can be applied not only for clothing but also for coat, shoes and accessories. Those seem lovely and feel comfit when they are worn in winter or autumn season.

There are some fur type that can be applied in fashion like beaver, chinchilla, coyote, ermine, fisher, fox, comb, lynx, marten, mink, muskrat, nutria, opossum, rabbit, raccoon, sable, squirrel (petit Gris), tanuki and weasel. You can choose one of them you want and like. Such fashion can be outerwear and leading trend in 2015. It is also produced easy to wear, stylish with sporty looks, classical design and come from high quality luxurious fabrics. Some such fashion can be found by you in online shop or offline shop such as Minicucci x Marcanio, UNTTLD by natural furs, Mallia, and Hide society. For sporty look, you can choose sporty fur style with modern designs and it can be outerwear. The style commonly is designed from short to longer shape that consist of soft quilted shapes like Nobel Fur, Sunrise Furs, Minicuci x Marcanio and the others.

The fur can be worn as accessories such as Canadian hat. Beside the hat has function to protect the owner from sun light, it can also make the owner’s head warm in winter as well as it a fashionable appearance. The fur accessories can be applied on shoes like Fendi fur. The fur style is still trendy until now and it always constant every year.