17 Glitter Nail Design: Sparkling Looks for Short Nails

Glitter nail designs are one of the nail art designs that are widely chosen by women all over the world. Although the outfit maybe the main and essential part of a certain event that you attend, but the details such as decorating your fingers through nail arts also add a chic accent in your appearance. The sparkling and glittery look that comes from the glitter can be made identical with the outfit for party. However, this kind of nail art design is actually not only suitable for a party but also suitable for a casual or daily use.

If you are the one with short nails, you might think that the sparkly nail ideas are not suitable for you. But, you are totally wrong because there are also a plenty of glitter nail polish ideas for short nails. Check it out here!

Glitter Nail Designs Ideas for Short Nails

  1. Black and white border line nail designs
    The black and white nail designs indeed has so many creation, one of those creations is the one with the borderline that is specially designed for short nails. You can add the black or white as the background and add the contrast color glitter nail arts.
  2. Sparkling ombre nude nail art designs
    Although nude colors mean that you will have nail polishes that have similar colors to your skins, it doesn’t mean that your nail art is not eye-catching. Despite its nude colors, you can add ombre glitters on the top of you polished nail to strengthen the colors, and make stunning simple nail art.
  3. Pink and sparkly silver nail art designs
    Pink is the color that identical to girls. This color is also able to make your nail look gorgeous by combining it with sparkly glittery silver nail polish for glitter nail look. You can use pink or white as the background color, then make strip horizontal lines using sparkly and glittery silver nail polish.