12 Gothic Fashion that You Must Copy

Gothic fashion is one of the Victorian fashion inspirations. To get gothic look, you should know the important fashion item to create gorgeous gothic fashion look. Then, we should be able to combine it nicely. It may be dark, but it should have to all black.

The clothes in gothic fashion usually dress. Black lace dress usually becomes the signature look for gothic. For casual style, gothic look can use black jeans or leather pants. Black tartan mini skirt can be good for gothic look. Tulle skirt is also good for gothic clothing. Whether it is black or red, it will look stunning in gothic look. Black sweater and t-shirt will great for gothic sense.

The shoes for gothic style mostly black boots. For girly look, it can be black pump heels. Lace-up boots will be perfect for gothic look. The shoes should not be black shining ones. It also should not a solid color. The shoes should have ornaments that will make the gothic look more perfect.

The accessories for gothic look will make the look bolder. For hair accessories, you can wear comb hair with black roses as the ornaments. For neck, big pendant silver necklace will make a beautiful combination with the dress. Lace socks or black socks will make the legs look beautiful.

The make up to complete gothic style is about going dark. Using black as the main color for makeup will create gothic sense. The eye brows can be shaped but it should not be thin. A pair of thick black eye brows will be the highlight of makeup. Dark color lipstick should be the choice. It should not be black. The darkest shade of red will be great. The eyes make should show dark shadow around it. The last, you can add little dark brown for blushing the cheeks.