15 Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair Ideas

Women with thick and curly hair often complain about their curly hair that is difficult to maintain. They also think that curly hair is difficult to style, moreover if they have long curly hair. They usually use flat ironing for the salvation of their disobedient hair, but it is actually not a good idea for long term use because the heat will eventually make the hair dry and damage. The thick curly hair has special qualities and good hair structure, thus, if you are blessed with good thickness and curly hair, why don’t you take benefits from it? While so many straight-hair girls out there are trying to make their hair wavy or curly, but you, who own curly hair by nature, do not have to take additional effort to make it wave or curl. In addition, there are many easy and cute hairstyles for long curly hair, which you can try either for daily hairstyle or for special occasion.

Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair Ideas

  1. Ponytail with Side Braid
    If you want to look cute with your curly hairstyle, this curly ponytail with side braids is the right choice. This is one of the simplest curly hairstyles for long hair, which can guarantee to keep your curly hair still in line all day long. This cute hairstyle for long hair is suitable for most of face shape and easy to do, which make it very suitable for daily hairstyle.
  2. Updo with side bangs
    Updo is a great idea to make your curly hair keep in line. For you who own the wavy or curly hair, you can try wavy updo with side swept bangs hairstyle. This long curly hairstyles is suitable hairstyle for special occasions.