17 Hairstyles for Long Faces: Simple and Easy Options

Do you have any problems with hairstyles for long faces? Please, try to look more ideas from recommended references. We bet that you will face more difficulties to decide the best haircut. Long face has a weakness on the balance between the chin and forehead. At the same time, it must adjust on both sides. Slight mistakes can worsen your appearance. This is why you should be careful in making choice of styles.

Hairstyles for Long Faces in the List

Here are some examples of long hairstyles for round faces and, at the same time, can support your long face:

  • Blunt/Rounded Bangs. We understand the problems on both sides of the face. So, this is a hairstyle that might be perfect your performance just with proper combing and covering the gaps on both sides.
  • Messy Pixie. What if we create something more cool by cutting hair, and let it adjust to the shape of the face?
  • Long Bang with Layers. It is a smarter way to disguise the shape of your face. We can adjust it with the patterns of hair on both sides.
  • Face Framing Layers. If you have thick hair and straight, you can apply this style. Pay attention to the curly styles yet still fall to the bottom and form a amazing pattern.
  • Low Pony. It is one of the ideas to make a fabulous look with your long black hair. Tie your hair in the back, and let it dangle to the back. After all, this is the easiest style that you can do for a long face.
  • Braid with Side Bangs. Sometimes, you need a complicated way to beautify your hair. Please, braid your hair, but leave the middle and upper. A perfect appearance will create the impression of natural sexiness.

If only you have a lot of ideas, you can create new styles in beautifying your hair. So, check the best option for haircuts for long faces female.