15 Hippie Fashion and Accessories That You Must Copy

Hello, gorgeous fashionista! One thing that should be highlighted from hippie fashion is the iconic jewelry. The jewelry in hippie style is not only as the accessories, but also as the soul of the style. The jewelry which worn in hippy style is not an item. A ring is not worn one. Each hand can wear more than one. The bracelets can be worn multiply in each hand. The necklaces which worn usually are big or long. Anklets sometimes are worn on both foots.

The ring for hippie outfits is not a luxury that made from gold and silver which design with diamond. The rings usually have big head. The head can be from colorful stone. It also can be floral design. Sometimes the head is crescent or sun shape.

Bracelets also feature on hippie clothing style. The bracelets usually are unique. They usually are made from stones. Sometimes, they are created from leather that breaded or made as fringe. The bracelets also can be patterned with beads. The hippie bracelets also are the symbol of charm bracelet.

Necklace which worn on hippie fashion is usually big necklace. Some necklaces for hippie style are long one and the pendant sometimes big. Some necklaces are made from shells. Bead necklace with tassel pendant is also suitable for hippy style. The pendant of the necklace can a dream catcher or peace sign. The long necklaces are also worn more than one in hippy style.

Anklet is kind of common accessories for hippie fashion. The anklets mostly are designed similar to bracelets. Some of the anklets are simple like bracelets which worn on ankle. But some of the anklets are linked to a ring on the toe. Similar to other accessories, the anklets are also worn more than one in each foots. The ornament of the anklets is rarely simple, fringe or beads or tassels usually attach to them.