How to Do a Side Braid on Yourself

We can take the example of a few ways on how to do a side braid since it is one of the popular hair styles that can be found all around us. In fact, there are some important things you should adjust the arrangement of such a hair style. They will be the best factors to enhance your braids.

The Preparations before Taking Steps about How to Do a Side Braid

Before you identify a few steps on easy ways to side braid hair, you need to prepare:

  • Face shape. However, you cannot combine the hair style and face shape. Although it looks pretty for others, maybe it would not fit in with you.
  • Hair length. It has been very clear, although there are some women who can style with short hair. At least, you have a proportional size to your hair.
  • Dresses. How can you look beautiful without a natural combination between fashion and hairstyles?

The Steps

Actually, it would be very easy on how to do the side french-braid updo. These are the examples:

  1. Comb all your hair, and do not let any tangled parts. You pull a few strands of hair on the side, and then weave them regularly. You can make three or two strands in a braid.
  2. To maximize hairstyle, you can use the pins, and tying at the ends.
  3. How about an accessory? You can use colored ribbon or hair band.

Every woman has difference in their hair, so you can not apply a sample to personal style. It would be nice if you could develop your creativity to make an appropriate style. For cleaner results, you can use the spray. Yet, do not use it too much. The best way is to look natural with your hair, without alleviating the elegant impression of french braid hairstyles.