How to French Braid Bangs with Pictures

There are several ways about how to French braid bangs so you can create a certain variation. So, let us take one of the easy ways to make the beautiful hair style. It will not take a long time and is very easy.

How to French Braid Bangs Easily?

Before you implement the steps on braid bangs tutorial, make sure that you comb your hair. It would be better if you brush until there is no frizz. One important matter; if you want to have a single braid down from the center of your head, then you have to brush all your hair away from your forehead. After you brush it, let’s start it.

  1. From the front of your head, take one side bang. Divide it into three pieces, and pull it extent to the side of your head.
  2. The next step is to make a braid. We start it from a regular braid, through the way of weaving one strand to the other strand, and arrange on the middle and bottom.
  3. You have to make a braid that leads down the side of your head. As you move further away, braid will begin to form a circle around your head. You can choose to continue the weave braids surpass the top or the bottom of your ear.
  4. Make braids to complete, but always maintain the neatness. Also, you cannot make them too tight. Meanwhile, loose braids are easily damaged.

There are many ways about easy ways to braid your bangs step by step, so you do not have to worry to change your ideas. If you will let go of each braid, do it slowly. Do not let it could make the hair become tangled. If your head sweat, be sure that you will dry your hair first. Well, those are simple steps about french braid tutorial.