How to Make a Headband that You Love

Hey, pretty fashionista! From a baby girl to a gorgeous lady, every woman loves her hair and this love drives her to take care of her hairs. Either she be going in the party or at home, she pays attention to her hair. So if you are a smart lady or going to have your baby girl you will love to get some beautiful headbands for yourself and your loved one. Most often when you visit a shop to buy your new headband there comes a thing or idea in your mind that if you knew how to make a headband of such a style, then you must be making the better one by yourself matching your style and displaying your imaginative qualities. Yes, this is possible. Today we are going to solve this issue by sharing the methods which will help you out in making your own choice in reality.

Making a headband of your choice is an easy task and also require very little time and effort. You can choose the material to your own taste. Furthermore, there will be also no more issue of size. You can customize or make it according to your own style with your favorite good quality stuff and much cheaper than its market price. And if you get into this and start making in your own place, according to the market requirement it’s a good business to start over with a low investment.

Types of headband:

Many different types of headband are used which include 1) elastic head band  2) turban headband  3) hard shell headband  decoration 4) scarf headband 5) bow head band 6) flower headband

Elastic headband: With the advancement in the weaving machinery different patterns and colors of your favorite ribbon/elastic are available in the market. You can choose any of them. The best is to get at least 1 inch wide elastic/ribbon. Wrap the chosen ribbon around your forehead to the back of the neck where you usually wear the elastic headband.

Mark the ribbon that fits you, decrease 5 inches and cut the fabric and cut the 4 inch of elastic band. (To make it even tighter decrease the length of the elastic but no so tight that it affects your blood circulation in the forehead.)

Using the needle, sew the ribbon on the elastic and tie the knot at the edge to make a bit design in the aft section of the headband. The headband is ready to be used.

Decorating a Hard shell headband:  You can get a normal sized headband from the market. Also the chosen fabric should be double in width and of the same length as that of the hard shell headband. According to the measurement cut the fabric and wrap it around hard headband attaching its lower side with hard headband using any adhesive material or glue. At the ends cut the fabric, creating smooth tips.

Further, it can be covered with lovely shades of yarn or any embroidered floss of your own choice. Continue wrapping until the whole area is covered. Cut the extra length and seal it with extra glue. Different types of feathers or small floss or ribbons can also be attached to make it more stylish.