How to Make Hair Curly at Home and With Ease?

Hello, good people! Are you wondering about how to make hair curly? Hairs add a lot to your style and appearance. Did you ever notice some top celebrities, next time do notice they all appear not with the straight hairs rather their amazing and appealing  appearance is due to their curly hair either that is natural for some like Selena Gomez or they get it done through hair stylist. Next time when you wake up in the morning, stand in front of the bathroom mirror and appreciate your good looking curly hairs.

How to Make Hair Curly at Home and With Ease?

If the curls are not natural it can be very difficult to get your beautiful hair in curly style. But it can be achieved if you follow the right products and good techniques and will surely be worth in the last. Usually it gets difficult to maintain the curls of the hairs after 30 min but here are few ways of how to make hair curly and if you regularly practice them, they will enhance your natural curls. The multiple methods for getting curls in your loved hairs are described below:

  1. Braiding Hair:
    Braiding the hair is the most trusted and tried way to bring curls in the hairs. Wash your hair with curling enhancing shampoo and then braid your hair with moving down from roots side to the ends. Then leave them braided till night. This method will result in natural looking curls lasting for the whole day.
  2. Pin curls:
    With past few decades pin curls are popular. In this technique the small strands of hair are wrapped in a loop and let them there for several hours. Starting by washing your hair and drying without a hair dryer, then apply curl enhancing serum if desire so. Wrap the curls around your finger till you reach the end and thus sliding it off from the spiral.
    Larger curls can be made, but it will be harder to secure them in place for a long duration
  3. Get hair in a Bun:
    Making the bun might be the best option for getting the big curls once they are damp. For making this bun, wrap the larger strands around in circular motion and then twist it up as on a tight base of hair. Use 3-4 pin to secure them in that position for several hours.
  4. Get curly hair with natural curls:
    Market has many options for your hair. Choose the sulfate free natural curl product. Or look for any special hair products that are designed for curly hair.
  5. A new hair cut:
    The hair of the same length, weighs down the curls due to which the curls are disappeared and you are left with unrefined appearance. Having a new haircut will make two benefits 1) it will add volume to your curls 2) any irregular extended ends will cut off. It will also give you a new approach to try different methods to get curly hair of your choice.
  6. Use curl booster:
    A lot of products are available in the market which commonly known as curl booster. They have the tendency to enhance the curls of your hair. You can get a small bottle packing which can also placed in your purse and can be used any time. Pertinent to remember 1) these sprays perform best if applied to damp hair 2) prefer to choose an organic product over chemical one
  7. Use good dry shampoo:
    Use the shampoo which is less dry and do not make hairs to get rid of any excess oil.

Some of the techniques may require to sleep with them over the night, but it’s worth it. After you read my post about how to make your hair curly, now you should try yourself and get a new look!