How to Use Liquid Eyeliner? Check Out These Tricks and Tips!

To some people, especially women, eyes are considered to be one of the most important parts in their body that should need to be paid extra attention to. It is because the very first impression which people look at you when you are attending a certain event or you are just meeting someone new is the eyes. Having a great conversation must involve an eye contact. Due to this reason, the eyes should need your attention for making them look more radiant, standing out, and attractive. For this requirement, some eye makeups like eye shadow, eye primer, mascara, and eyeliner must be your priority. Here, you can learn more about how to use liquid eyeliner.

How to Use Liquid Eyeliner for Creating the Smoothest Eyeliner around

Basically, there are two base types of the liquid eyeliner: dip-brush and felt-tip. Dip-brush eyeliner is similar to the nail polish which comes to a small bottle. While felt-tip eyeliner is similar to a marker, so it should be your choice for dealing with how to use an eye liner pen. After you have made your decision about what type of eyeliner you choose, you can apply an eyeliner primer as a great base for making your eye shadow will last for a day. Getting in the right position is the most important thing to be done for fulfilling how to use liquid eyeliner so you do not end up with an uneven application like a wavy line.

In order to avoid a wavy line, you can start drawing small dots or dashes along the upper lash line, and then you can simply connect the dots by using short and slow strokes. After that, with a steady hand, you can start drawing a thin line along the edge to make the line smooth. Doing this step in both the upper and the bottom edge, and you can fill any space in your lash line. In the end, you can start using mascara for finishing up your eye makeup. Voila, you are now having beautiful eyes. Of course, it is also important to ensure not to apply the eyeliner too thick for dealing with how to apply eyeliner.