How to Wear Palazzo Pants in a Sophisticated Way

Hey, beautiful creatures! Are you confused about how to wear  palazzo trousers pants in a sophisticated way? With the approaching summer if there is any single thing you need for your wardrobe that is Palazzo trousers. This 30’s and 70’s inspired silhouette is grabbing the attention once again. From party to an office or some mega events, business meeting or it be the day off at home this is the best you can decide to wear adding to your grace and style. Palazzo are long, floor flowing length trousers which are slim to  hip and wide legged from top of thigh, that increases down to the ankle.

By the law of fashion, the trend of the past repeats after some decade with some more elegant designs and colors. The same has brought palazzo trousers (style trend of famous fashion icons and some avant grade women in 1930’s and 1970) with new trendy colors and elegant colors for ladies this summer. The styles range from plain bright colors to all new designs you can ever imagine, because the fashion has no end. Palazzo pants are a style for all; YES anyone can wear them in any color, print and styles.

How to Style Palazzo Pants?

A good tailored palazzo can add to your style and worth among your friends and general public. Here are some of the outfit ideas and tips for How to wear palazzo pants:

Casual wear:  Palazzo can be worn with plain or funky T-shirts whatever you prefer. If you are at home or feeling lazy or when you want to be cute, Palazzo is perfect for style and comfort. At home, you can put on an old plain shirt from your closet or one with your favorite detail or comment.

At Work: Some dark or neutral plain colored palazzo with layered structured blazer will make you feel light and cool. This will make you stand out of your other colleagues whatever style they are wearing.

Out with a friend: This depends all on your mood some best combinations are wearing some neutral color shirts with printed chiffon palazzo, high heels and floppy hat too. Or you can consider wearing a bright blouse with dark colored palazzos.

Day to night: The best thing about palazzo is that you can wear them confidently for both  day and night plans.

Wild print palazzo: Some designers have introduced the wild versions of these trousers as well. For palazzos with wild print its best to tone down the look by adding some solid color shirts.

Wearing the right length: For trousers the length definitely does matter. In normal trend palazzo suits the ladies with a lean column with tall or average height. But this aspect is not big enough to be bothered about or taking yourself unable to wear such type of trendy trousers. If you are on a little shorter side, go with a narrower cut so it does not look too big from bottom and appear swallowing your style and height up.

FABRIC: Even the Palazzos are quite trendy for summer fashion yet fabric adds a lot to the style they can add to your life. A good fabric will give the swish as you walk because for palazzo it simply needs space to breath in order to tailor this breezing & floating trouser.