11 Jackie Kennedy Fashion, to Dress like First Lady

Jackie Kennedy fashion is so classy, feminine, but simple. As First Lady, she always appeared in public in good look, whether it is formal occasion or it is just casual party. She was named as iconic fashion figure so many times. They way she dressed have inspired many designers and women. Her classy look is ageless and it can be adapted until now.
Jackie Kennedy style sometimes features big sunglasses. She was often seen with big sunglasses. There was a time when she wore big square sunglasses. Other time, she wore round black sunglasses. She was known with sunglasses collection. Those big sunglasses are still on until now.

Jackie Kennedy fashion item that is quite important is handbag. She usually brought classy handbag. She usually carried Hermes handbags. Other classic handbags which she had were Gucci. From her handbags, you know that having and bringing classic handbags is important. You are allowed to have fancy handbags. Then, it is important to choose classic color like black or brown and keep it as a simple design which will go with any kind of clothes and with any season.

Wearing jewelry for Jackie Kennedy fashion is kind of a must. In formal occasion, she was seen wearing pearl necklace. Pearl necklace is a classic jewelry. It will go great in any dress. Then, investing in pearl necklace as luxury jewelry is one of the great idea. It is also can be done in other kind of jewelry that timeless.

Casual Jackie Kennedy clothing style is not hard to be duplicated. She was seen several times wearing pants and jeans. Wearing jeans and blouse is a good choice for casual look. It can be featured with comfortable shoes like sneaker or sandal. It is important to look relax for a while but it is good to keep trendy with great clothes.