Japan Fashion for Street Style Girls

Japan fashion for summer is very varieties. The sun shines so bright. The day is getting brighter from the color of summer outfits from street style girls. Japan fashion is very unique and there are so many kinds of it, such as harajuku and kawaii. The traditional Japanese clothes sometimes mix up with the modern fashion trends. Therefore, the fashion in Japan has characteristic which showing and identity or the personal soul of the stylist.

Sheer has been a trend in summer Japan clothes. Many girls are seen on street wear sheer clothes from skirts, top, and outwear. The sheer skirt is so cute to be mixed with pastel color tops. Sheer black dress creates a stunning harajuku style which combined with checkered mini dress.

Bucket hat is also great for summer Japan style. Besides protecting from sunlight, bright color bucket hat can make a sweet look when it is combined with bright mini dress. The dark color bucket hat can make a tomboy look but it is still sweet.

Sport Jersey is a trend in Japan clothing. The sport look can be created with loose sport jersey. The oversized sport jersey does not printed in sport club name. In Japan trends, the sport jersey is printed in anime characters, such as sailormoon. Some other jerseys are design in graphic print.

YRU Platforms is very hot in summer for Japan fashion. You can see girls wearing those shoes around summer. The platforms were designed as sandal, shoes, and boots in bright color and combination of bright and dark colors. The idea of the platform design is very unique.

Fruit printed tops is very great for summer Japan outfits. Other printed top which is popular around summer is the cherry. The combination between red cherry and white shirt is a stunning one.