14 Legging Fashion for Proper Occasion


Legging fashion is a new trend nowadays. The legging is not only made in black. Nowadays, people can wear leopard, floral, geometric and any other printed motifs. Women like wearing legging because it is comfortable and warm. Mostly they wear it in winter. Recently, the legging has been seen in casual occasion, sport activity, and formal party. The function of the legging in fashion is higher now.

Wearing legging in workout gear has been a hot item recently. Nowadays, women want to look good by doing some workout. However, they also want to keep trendy while running at the park. The fashionable workout legging has been made by some sport brand such as Nike. That brand made bright color leggings which will make look trendy and sporty. The legging was designed to be easier for them in doing their work out activity. Therefore, they will be comfortable in legging while working out.

Legging is also common in casual look. The legging is good to be mixed with denim shirt. It is also great to be wear with boots. In winter, wearing legging is very comfortable to be worn while out. It can be combined with loose sweater. Adding scarf will create great layer of the body shape. It is also good to keep warming while running errand. Printed leggings are fun to wear. It will light up the look. Some designers even make the legging in Batman logo, Emoji characters, and Star Wars picture. Those kinds of legging will attract the fans to buy and wear it.

For formal party, legging fashion sometimes take part. It will make a sharp look when it is combined with little black dress. The legging also can be good to be wear with mini dress. The legging will help not to show much skin.