15 Long Blonde Hairstyles Inspired from Celebrities

If you are checking on the internet what kind of hairstyles are trending now, your will be find out that the long blonde hairstyles are the trending hairstyles these days. These hairstyles are not only for those who own blonde hair by nature but also for those who artificially color their hair to make it blonde. The blonde hair-shades vary; there are golden blonde hair and honey blonde hair for the natural blonde hair. The Blonde shade named silver blonde and platinum blonde also exist, and both are mostly artificial blonde hair, although in some cases there are those blonde-haired girls by nature.

Similar to the long black hairstyles and pass over the hair type, quite many hairstyles work well with blonde hair, such as braid, bun, ponytail, layer etc. The blonde long hairstyles often associate with the femininity and elegance. Despite this fact, you can also make your blonde hair in a casual style following the trend. In order to have the trendy hairstyle for your blonde hair, it is necessary for you to look through all the stylist and creative hairstyle that can be your inspiration, so even though you style your hair by following the trend, your hairstyle will not be mainstream because you add your creativity on its final touch.

Long Blonde Hairstyles and Inspirations

Nicole Kidman is one of the celebrities that have naturally blonde hair. She also becomes the icon of femininity and elegance because of her hairstyles for long blonde hair. The Kimberley Garner is also the celebrity that famous of her blonde hair. The highlight and layered blonde hair is her favorite because those are the best friend of long blonde hair. If you want to have a fully tidy and strict yet playful blonde hairstyle, the Rita Ora’s top not may inspire you. You can also have the classic looks from pure silky blonde hairstyle like the Gwyneth Paltrow, this hairstyle will definitely refresh your look.