15 Long Hairstyles for Round Faces: Getting into the Most Flattering Cuts

Basically, it can be said that choosing the right hairstyle seems to be very easy to get into. But it is initially can be a little bit challenging since you will want to look fabulous with your choice on hairstyle. Typically, certain hairstyle can be said to be really suited well if it is good enough with the typical hair type, face shape, and also with your skin colors. It would be a bit odd if you look at someone who have slightly highlighting ponytail when he or she has round chubby face and very dark skin color. So, these are some rules on getting the best long hairstyles for round faces.

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces: Dazzling Your Features with the Right Styles

Actually, the secret to have a fabulous hairstyle on a round face is about to create the illusion of length instead of focusing on the roundness. This is the main reason on why there are many women out there who deadly want to camouflage the roundness of their face with the right hairstyle. Let’s get into the example of celebrity who has a typical round face: Emma Stone, the lead actress from Spiderman. Emma looks really beautiful with her round face because she cuts her hair a few inches below the chin or longer. This typical choppy layer will help you to decrease volume to the sides of the face. On the other hand, too short layer might work beautifully for haircuts for long faces.

Moreover, you can also deal with the gentle waves which probably a kind of natural thing for any hair textures. Gentle waves can basically deflect the roundness of the face. If you still cannot get this kind of natural wave, you can use the curling iron to make it as real as possible. In addition, it is very important to let your hair to become a little bit messy in order to camouflage the roundness in the face so that people won’t focus more on it. After that, you can simply look gorgeous by adding some natural highlights as a part of getting long layered hairstyles for round faces.