17 Long Hairstyles with Bangs for the Round, Heart and Triangle Face

Do you want to have gorgeous hairstyles? Do you want to look fabulous with your long hairstyles with bangs? To achieve the fabulous hairstyle, it is so simple, you need to know yourself more, for this case in particular, you need to know your facial shapes and your hair types.

While knowing your hair type is pretty easy, knowing the facial feature or the face shape is not that simple. However, there is a simple method how to decide which facial feature you have is. The first step is taking the picture straight on your face. Please note that you have to resist not to smile while taking the picture because you should take a picture on its most natural position and smiling may get the examination harder. If you do not have camera, you can stand in front of mirror and draw your face on the mirror with lipstick or chalk. Once you get the shape, match with the available face shape model: round shape, long shape, square face, oval face, heart and triangle face.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs for Different Face Shapes

Whether you have straight or curly hair, the long bang hairstyles are suitable for you if you have round or heart or triangle face features. Specifically, the long straight hairstyles with bangs are suitable for the heart-shape faces because they provide the balance by filling the area around the chin. The wavy hairstyles are also suitable for you who have round, heart or triangle face shapes because the styles will emphasize on your small jaw area. The soft and side bangs will also look great for those face-shapes; because it can soften the jaw area and give some balances on your face. For the round-shaped face, it is better to avoid the hairstyle that can make your face look rounder, such as blunt, bobs or big curls.