15 Moon Tattoo: Symbolizes Beliefs in Faith
















When it comes to talking about tattoos, there will be numerous ideas and things that will be revealed as tattoos have long been known by people around the world to have a very long history. It is a public secret that there are many ancient cultures and mythologies that have their own typical traditional tattoo designs. Among human histories since long time ago, visual arts, poetry, and literature has been influenced by the moon. This is the reason on why moon tattoo as the counterpart of sun tattoo has been most people’s choice from several years ago.

Moon Tattoo in a Chic Style Look

As the natural counterpart of the sun, the moon is often associated with female character so that moon tattoos also regarded to be feminine tattoos. Actually, there are some symbolic meanings of moon: moon symbolizes emotion, time, illumination, and intuition. In addition, there is one great fact about crescent moon and star tattoo: they are rooted in Islam world as they have been used as the flags of some Muslim countries like Libya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Mauritania, and Algeria.

One great example of this typical moon and star tattoo is having several moons that are placed vertically from the top of the back neck to the center of the back. Each moon has its own design; there are full moon, crescent moon, half moon, and many others. For making it looks a little bit interesting and attractive, you can try to get a crescent moon with flower designs and cat sitting on it. This way, you can simply enhance your entire look with your attractive tattoo design. You can simply put it in your back, shoulder, neck, or even using it as tattoo sleeve for more realistic moon tattoos. As long as you feel happy with your tattoo designs, you do not need to get worried about what people say.