9 Nail Art Tape in Easy Steps

There are cool things you can create with a nail art tape. As an example, we can make a skull on your nails. Some women like the idea of an eccentric which can be applied to their appearance. To make it, you can also rely on a service or do it alone. So, why do not you make it yourself?

Nail Art Tape Tutorial

Everything would be easy as long as you could draw a skull nail art tape. But what if you are not able to draw it? There are many ways to realize it, and one of them is to use a template. Let’s check the simple steps:

Do not use a size that is too big because it will dominate your nails. But, this is the most difficult part to make measurements. If you use a template, it probably would not look good. So, it is good to learn to make it simple.

What color? Most people might think of black and white. With white coating, you will draw ten small skulls in your fingers. The most important consideration is the use of other colors. There are several options such as red, or yellow. We should create a different identity from the colors, considering this is the style for women.

While you consider the skull shape, some people are interested in a number of easy nail designs you can do with scotch tape. Well, that’s the interesting thing from a variety of collections that you can adjust to the needs and interests. At least, you will never run out of inspiration to beautify your nails. Remember that you better make the image manually. However, it will make the design become more artistic. If you can combine some of the details, it would be better. Meanwhile, you can take some colors and combine them with certain elements. Well, that is what you can do with nail designs using tape. And you could some ideas of it below!